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Monitor 10,000 Transactions Monthly for FREE.

Connect to your users’ financial data with no code

Access financial information, build financial products, improve product experience—no coding required.

Contact sales
Build and deploy financial products and processes faster
Handle customer data without the cost of hiring developers
Reduce drop-off during checkout and other processes

Powering digital trust for companies across Africa

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Make it easy for users to share their financial data


Setup your app and fully customise your users’ experience on the Dojah dashboard.


Customize and select preferred features based on your product and users’ need. You can always adjust per-need


After setting up the widget, a link that can be shared with your customers would have been generated automatically


For each linked data, you can identify, view and download their transactions income, and spending pattern over a period of time.

Individual/Bulk uploads

Obtain the information of one customer or multiple customers in one process.

Multiple ID selection

Explore a wide range of options to identify your customers as you deem fit.

Powerful automation for non-technical teams

Quickly deploy ID verification across your product while saving your engineering team time on integration, and your operations team can spend less time exploring several API providers. nd your operations team can spend less time exploring several API providers.

Identity Verification Widget

Solve all your onboarding needs with a simple widget that allows you to automate data lookup and verification with low code.

Easy Onboard

Create smooth onboarding for your users and a custom interface for your business with drag and drop identity verification tools.