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Monitor 10,000 Transactions Monthly for FREE.

Increase checkout rates and build trust in your platform

Ensure top-notch service delivery with real-time capture and verification of Address data, Biometric data, Government Data, IP/Device checks and more.

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Remove onboarding and checkout friction for shoppers
Reduce operational costs with automated verification
Detect frauds and reduce risks with reliable and instant data

Powering digital trust for companies across Africa

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~4sAvg. Verification Time
99%Verified on the first try
+10African Countries

Get rid of scammers, don’t delay ready-to-pay customers

Biometric Verification

Ensure users are who they say they are by matching their facial biometrics with a valid ID

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Gov. ID Verification

Automatically check and verify driver's license and other KYC documents.

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Document Verification

Spot forgery, extract and verify data from vehicle documents accurately

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Address Verification

Automatically capture and validate the physical location of your recipients.

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IP & Device Check

Check IP addresses and identify devices from anywhere in the world.

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Financial Connections

Get bank data such as account statements, balance, identity, and more with your users’ permission.

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Powerful automation for non-technical teams

Quickly deploy ID verification across your product while saving your engineering team time on integration, and your operations team can spend less time exploring several API providers. nd your operations team can spend less time exploring several API providers.

Identity Verification Widget

Solve all your onboarding needs with a simple widget that allows you to automate data lookup and verification with low code.

Easy Onboard

Create smooth onboarding for your users and a custom interface for your business with drag and drop identity verification tools.